Coffee Table Albums

 The Coffee Table Album is printed slightly different. The pages are still nice and thick like our premium albums.

  • Sizes (spreads):
  • 33x25 cm (XL 20 Pages)
  • 28x22 cm (L 20 Pages)
  • 20x15 cm (M 20 Pages)
  • 9x7 cm (S 20 Pages)
  • Options:
  • The albums come with a standard leatherette cover in white, black, burgundy and chocolate brown.
  • A choice of thin or thick core pages.


  • Genuine leather :
  • Available in several colours. Please contact us for an album swatch kit.

- Black Leatherette Album
- White Leather Album


Album Size Notes Extra Page Price
Hard Cover XL 20 pages (33x25) cm $6 $250
Hard Cover L 20 pages (28x22) cm $4 $120
Soft Cover L 20 pages (28x22) cm $3 $90
Soft Cover M 20 pages (20x15) cm $2 $60
Soft Cover S 20 pages (9x7) cm Album $1 $75
Wire - Bound L 20 pages (28x22) cm $3 $90
Wire - Bound   M 20 pages (20x15) cm $2 $60


Turnaround Time :  7 Business days   

*All prices are subject to 13% HST


Italian  Albums


  • Pretty Face Studio provides beautiful, Canadian made Italian albums at great prices. The album has a leather cover and includes a creative layout with multiple images per page. These Italian albums are printed on photographic paper and have a unique UV on each page to offer protection from wear. The prints are mounted onto a white or black core page. The entire album is made from panoramic spreads and centre-scored.  
  • Customize your album cover to the fullest with our canvas cover options...
  • Canvas Covers:
  • Available in any standard size album
  • Sizes (spreads):
  • 30x40cm (XL 20-30 Pages)
  • 30x30cm (L 20-30 Pages)
  • 25x25cm (M 20-30 Pages)


Album Size Notes Price
Hard Cover XL 30 pages (30x40) cm $750
Hard Cover XL 20 pages (30x40) cm $600
Hard Cover L 30 pages (30x30) cm 550
Hard Cover L 20 pages (30x30) cm $450
Hard Cover S 30 pages (25x25) cm 400
Hard Cover S 20 pages (25x25) cm 350


Turnaround Time :  25 Business days  

*All prices are subject to 13%  HST