Wedding Albums

We believe your wedding album should be as unique as you are. And yet if you turn the pages of most albums, they look much the same.

We believe the people who will most value your new album haven’t yet been born. And yet most wedding albums suffer from three months taste and over-decoration – a barrier between your photographs and the people who will treasure them in the future.

We are proud of our carefully detailed, beautifully printed albums. Explore our website for inspiration, and choose the one for you.

Coffee Table Albums

 The Coffee Table Album is printed slightly different. The pages are still nice and thick like our premium albums.

  • Sizes (spreads):
  • 33x25 cm (XL 20 Pages)
  • 28x22 cm (L 20 Pages)
  • 20x15 cm (M 20 Pages)
  • 9x7 cm (S 20 Pages)
  • Options:
  • The albums come with a standard leatherette cover in white, black, burgundy and chocolate brown.
  • A choice of thin or thick core pages.


  • Genuine leather :
  • Available in several colours. Please contact us for an album swatch kit.

- Black Leatherette Album
- White Leather Album


Album Size Notes Extra Page Price
Hard Cover XL 20 pages (33x25) cm $6 $250
Hard Cover L 20 pages (28x22) cm $4 $120
Soft Cover L 20 pages (28x22) cm $3 $90
Soft Cover M 20 pages (20x15) cm $2 $60
Soft Cover S 20 pages (9x7) cm Album $1 $75
Wire - Bound L 20 pages (28x22) cm $3 $90
Wire - Bound   M 20 pages (20x15) cm $2 $60


Turnaround Time :  7 Business days   

*All prices are subject to 13% HST


Italian  Albums


  • Pretty Face Studio provides beautiful, Canadian made Italian albums at great prices. The album has a leather cover and includes a creative layout with multiple images per page. These Italian albums are printed on photographic paper and have a unique UV on each page to offer protection from wear. The prints are mounted onto a white or black core page. The entire album is made from panoramic spreads and centre-scored.  
  • Customize your album cover to the fullest with our canvas cover options...
  • Canvas Covers:
  • Available in any standard size album
  • Sizes (spreads):
  • 30x40cm (XL 20-30 Pages)
  • 30x30cm (L 20-30 Pages)
  • 25x25cm (M 20-30 Pages)


Album Size Notes Price
Hard Cover XL 30 pages (30x40) cm $750
Hard Cover XL 20 pages (30x40) cm $600
Hard Cover L 30 pages (30x30) cm 550
Hard Cover L 20 pages (30x30) cm $450
Hard Cover S 30 pages (25x25) cm 400
Hard Cover S 20 pages (25x25) cm 350


Turnaround Time :  25 Business days  

*All prices are subject to 13%  HST