Frequently Asked Questions

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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should we have a wedding video?
  • Why should we pay for a professional video when our Uncle has offered to film it with his camcorder?
  • Will our wedding be available on DVD or Blu-ray Disc?
  • How customized will our video be?
  • We are having photographs taken, do we really need video as well?
  • Can I choose the background music for our video?
  • Will you attend the rehearsal?
  • Do you use fully digital equipment?
  • Can we be involved in the editing?
  • How long will the completed video run for?
  • Can we see examples of your work?
  • When will the finished video be delivered to us?
  • Can I have all the original footage afterwards?
  • Will your cameramen be professional in appearance?
  • Do you require a deposit for your services?
  • Why are you more expensive than many other wedding video & photographers?
  • I am nervous about cameras, can you reassure me?
  • I believe that our ceremony location restricts video taping inside, is that a problem?